Value-adding business partner for clients and suppliers with its sustainability approach and contract management skills

For 11 years, by capitalizing on the synergy of collective procurement as well as its expertise and vast supplier network, Zer has created value for customers in marketing, services, supplies and logistics and has enabled Koç Group companies to focus on their core businesses. By creating economies of scale, the Company offers competitive and cost advantages, and also functions as a center of expertise with a specialized procurement staff.

Zer also assumes the management of suppliers, optimizing the quantity of suppliers and ensuring to standardize the quality of services and products to be procured. Its sustainability approach and contract management skills turn it into a value-adding business partner for clients and suppliers.

With the merger of Promena in 2014, the Company completed its service portfolio and reached beyond the Group to implement its growth strategy. With over 1,250 companies in its supplier pool, Zer serves 400 corporate customers in and outside the Group.

Aiming at growing by pioneering new practices, Zer is focused on implementing excellence in procurement in all processes and creating satisfaction and loyalty among stakeholders.