First and only award-winning R&D center in the tractor sector

Technology leader of the agricultural sector for 60 years

Oldest manufacturing company in the Turkish automotive sector

Record production with 46 thousand tractors

New record in tractor production

According to TÜİK’s traffic records for 2014, 59,458 tractors were sold in the Turkish market, corresponding to a 14% increase over the same period in 2013. In 2014, TürkTraktör sold 30,027 tractors in the domestic market and 15,866 tractors overseas. By realizing a total production of 45,823 units, TürkTraktör broke yet another record in its 60-year history. The reasons for the growth of the Turkish tractor market include high agricultural prices despite the fall in production due to adverse weather conditions, access to favorable credit conditions for financing retail sales, and the launch of numerous new tractor models. In addition, grant supports from Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in Rural Development (IPARD) also played a key role.

New products

The New Holland TR6 Series, which harbors great future potential for export, was released to the Turkish market in May 2014 as Turkey’s biggest domestic tractor with the models TR6.120, TR6.130 and TR6.140.

The tractor of choice among medium- and large-scale enterprises, New Holland T5 Electro Command Series was introduced in two engine options, 105 HP and 114 HP.

Designed to meet the needs of upper medium- and large-scale customers, T6 Auto CommandTM Series comes in three versions, with engines ranging from 110 HP to 131 HP.

In addition to gears which make life easier for the farmer, the TDD Delta Series has been released to the market with four power options in compliance with the Tier III norm. These environmental-friendly tractors are budget-friendly as well.

The new T480S has been manufactured at TürkTraktör factories and features a three-cylinder domestic engine with turbo feed line. This 48 HP engine generates high torque power, which leads to low fuel consumption as well as the capacity to deliver a wide range of tasks. Its 2WD models feature eight forward and two reverse gears, and 4WD models have eight forward and eight reverse gears. T480S is equipped with a fortified domestic transmission system, which maximizes the harmony between the engine and transmission.

Complete with new body and specially designed ergonomic control levers, the new platform of the TD4B Orchard Series has breathed new life into its segment.

The tower-type orchard atomizer New Holland SA2002 HSB, has been included in the product range in 2014 to ensure more efficient agricultural spraying in fruit orchards.


In line with its goal to generate added value for the development of the Turkish economy and agriculture, TürkTraktör laid the foundations of the Adapazarı Erenler Factory in 2014. The new factory has increased the manufacturing capacity for local and export markets. TürkTraktör shall continue to contribute to the Turkish economy with the 60-year manufacturing know-how and R&D expertise gained at its Ankara Facilities and with the vast export capacity of the Erenler Factory, bolstered by CNHI’s international sales and marketing network.

Achievements and awards

Respected Turkish research, industrial and commercial institutions have honored TürkTraktör with numerous awards, underlining the Company’s achievements.

New Holland TTJ Series, which was developed domestically by Turkish engineers and workers to service orchards and vineyards, garnered one of the most prestigious awards of the worldwide agricultural industry, namely “Tractor of the Year 2015.” The TTJ Series was shipped to export markets in June 2014 and its success in the global market is a major achievement for the Company.

TürkTraktör also received the first prize in the automotive category of the 3rd Private Sector R&D Centers Summit organized by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey, leaving behind a large number of domestic R&D centers.

2015 and beyond

In due consideration of Turkish agricultural policies and developments in the tractor sector, the Company plans to manufacture more advanced, efficient, user-friendly and ergonomic tractors with a higher horse power featuring more enhanced electronic and hydraulic systems, and to focus on cost cutting initiatives.