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Leading brands and new products

Leading brands and new products

Tat brand maintained leadership in the tomato paste, ketchup and tomato products categories in 2014.

SEK brand maintained dominance in the pasteurized milk category through the introduction of Kids’ Flavored Milk and cold coffee products in 2014. Pastavilla remained the leading brand in the premium pasta category by launching new products.

A selection of continental cheese, SEK branded pasteurized milk with real chocolate and real fruits for children and a ketchup with vegetables, Tat Çap Çap, were also rolled out in 2014.

In December 2013, Tat Gıda established a 50-50% partnership with the Polish company MASPEX for the introduction of children’s fruit juice products. Tedi-branded carrot juice appeared on market shelves in February 2014.

Furthermore, the application “Practical Recipes by Tat” was launched to reach modern housewives and the digital game “Running After Milk” was rolled out to appeal to children. As for the youth market, the Company participated in activities such as “Winterfest” and “Koçfest,” and organized tasting events and publicity campaigns in universities.

Financial position

The Company’s sales grew 11% year-over-year despite the sale of a number of subsidiaries. With the exclusion of discontinued operations, turnover increased 17%. Increasing sales and market shares in expanding business lines and the termination of unproductive operations had a positive impact on operating profit.

In 2014, in consideration of the sector’s future and the market situation, Tat Gıda implemented a focus strategy for efficient growth. The first reflection of this new strategy was the selling off of the brand Maret, which manufactures delicatessen and meat products, for US$ 75 million with its real estate and machinery. Next, Koç Group’s 90% stake in the tomato processing plant in Harranova, which had remained idle for a while, was sold to The Morning Star Company which controlled the remaining 10% stake.

Meanwhile, Tat Gıda acquired in August 2014 100% of the shares in Moova Gıda San ve Tic. A.Ş. to expand its product range in the cheese segment, which constitutes a key component of the dairy market. With this operation, the Company’s cheese production will rise from 800 tons to 2,600 tons. Moova’s production facility, situated close to dairy farms in western provinces, is a new and modern plant commissioned as recently as 2011. Some processes in the current factory will be transferred to this plant, and its infrastructure will be utilized for investments in new products.

Main awards

According to the KALDER market survey, Tat was designated as the leading brand in the tomato paste and sauce categories.

Featuring appetizing sandwiches, the micro website “ackenbakma.com” garnered the “Silver Apple” at the Crystal Apple Awards and first prize at the Felis Creativity Awards.

2015 and beyond

In 2015, a total of TL 30.5 million will be invested for new SEK-branded products, and for productivity and maintenance purposes in the Pastavilla and Tat facilities. Furthermore, at Tat, the volume and turnover will be increased and the brand will be expanded in sustainable fashion. The strategic focus at SEK will be profitable growth through the introduction of innovative and high value added categories, while Pastavilla will focus on enhancing brand prestige through launching new categories.

For all brands, in the long-term, organic and inorganic growth opportunities in various regions will be assessed and seized duly.