RMK Marine

The pioneering, leading private shipyard that provides integrated solutions for project management and systems engineering

Joining Koç Group in 1997, RMK Marine realizes construction projects for tankers, off-shore vessels, tugboats, military ships and superyachts in Tuzla. RMK Marine is the only Turkish private sector shipyard to hold AQAP 2110 NATO Quality Management System certification, confirming that it meets “NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production”.

Largest warship project

RMK Marine has completed the construction of the largest warship project awarded to the private sector in Turkey. The last of four search and rescue ships built for the Coast Guard Command was delivered in 2014.

All the vessels have been on mission and have proven their capabilities in the open seas. The final acceptance of three ships, whose warranties expired, was completed in 2014; the fourth is scheduled for April 30, 2015.

More ground-breaking achievements

The largest asphalt tankers ever planned and constructed in Turkey, and boasting a globally innovative triple hull design, the ships T. ESRA and the T. AYLİN were delivered on September 17, 2014 and on January 20, 2015, respectively.

Global brand in superyachts

Constructed by RMK Marine, the Nazenin V, the Karia and the Sarafin all garnered Special Jury Awards at the “Oscars” of the superyacht sector, the “World Superyacht Awards.”

2015 and beyond

RMK Marine continues to work on the “Turkish Fast Attack Craft,” designed to meet the specific task requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces. With the aim to continue adding high value and strength, reinforcing its position as the market’s most reliable and longstanding solutions partner, the Company also carries out work on the following projects:

  • Environmentally-friendly chemical tankers and asphalt tankers with low operating costs,
  • LPG/LNG supply ships that will support the use of environmentally- and budget-friendly fuel,
  • Support ships for open sea energy platforms,
  • Seismic research ships for marine oil field exploration,
  • Superyachts with original design and advanced technologies.