RAM Dış Ticaret

Reliable business partner in Turkey and neighboring countries

Ram: Turning crisis into opportunity

From its establishment, Ram Dış Ticaret has conducted its commercial activities in Turkey and in neighboring countries with a direct focus on customer satisfaction and being a reliable business partner.

In 2014, Ram continued the central procurement process for the flat steel products required by the Group companies, from Erdemir and Borçelik. Approximately 320,000 tons of supplies were acquired with considerable advantages for the Group.

Ram continued to represent Boeing and Sikorsky in the aviation sector, and delivered the ground-breaking Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Azerbaijan Airlines. Also, the Company delivered two commercial aircraft to Turkmenistan Airlines, two to Azerbaijan’s Silkway Airlines and one to Kazakhstan’s Air Astana.

Moreover, activities continued for importing paper products to the domestic market while an increase in the market share was achieved. 2014 was concluded with about TL 900 million in turnover.

Regarding the issue of making transparent and ethical trade, the Company was audited and certified, as in previous years, by Trace Antibribery Compliance Solutions in 2014.

The long-term target of Ram Foreign Trade is to develop local operations in target markets where regional risks can be eliminated and to become the leader of the domestic market with its imported products.