Otokoç Otomotiv

Long-established history that has added value to the Turkish automotive sector since 1928

Market leader for 40 years with Turkey’s first car rental company AVIS

Only company to provide car rental services ranging from 1 hour to 47 months

Leading the Turkish automotive retailing and car-rental markets

Otokoç Otomotiv operates under the Otokoç, Birmot, Avis, Budget and Otokoç Sigorta (Insurance) brands at 169 locations. The Company provides sales and after-sales services for Ford, Ford Trucks and Volvo under the Otokoç brand and for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Jeep under the Birmot brand.

Otokoç Otomotiv accounted for 32% of Ford retail sales in Turkey in 2014, 32% of Fiat, 42% of Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Jeep, and 47% of Volvo. The Company has an 8% share in the overall market, with 62 thousand vehicle sales. As for second-hand vehicle sales, the Company became the market leader among corporate brands with a sales figure of 20 thousand units. In short-term car rentals, Avis increased its turnover by 24% and Budget by 36%. In operational leasing, the Company’s turnover grew by a remarkable 28% and its fleet reached 20,764 cars. In the car rental business, the Company started to operate in Kazakhstan as the third international investment, after Azerbaijan and Northern Iraq.

Otokoç’s Ford Trucks Plaza investment in İstanbul Sultanbeyli opened in the final quarter of the year. The dual dealership in Kütahya was completed for Ford and Fiat brand vehicles. Otokoç Ankara moved to its new facilities. The dual dealership in İstinye, which sells Ford, Fiat and Volvo brand vehicles, reached the premium dealership standards. Additionally, the showroom and service sections of Otokoç Tarsus were doubled in area. The number of Avis offices has reached 86 and that of Budget has risen to 47.

Otokoç Otomotiv increased its investment by 25% over the previous year to TL 939 million, of which TL 901 million was for vehicle park. Its turnover grew by 13% to attain TL 3.5 billion.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014, Avis Turkey won for the fifth time Skal International’s “Best Car Rental Company” award and was deemed worthy of a “Superior Achievement Award” by ABG Group. Having risen to 2nd position in the sector in 2014, Budget Turkey was honored by ABG Group with the “Licensee of the Year” award for the second time in five years. ABG Group’s annual EMEA licensee meeting is organized by Avis and Budget Turkey in İstanbul, for both brands together for the first time, hosting representatives of 110 countries.

2015 and beyond

Otokoç Otomotiv plans to invest in expanding its service network and to renovate existing facilities. As for the Portfolio Management project initiated in 2014 at Otokoç and Birmot, the Loyalty Program will be put in place in 2015 so as to develop loyalty cards and manage customer relations under a single roof. The Company plans to restructure and grow its second-hand sales business. Avis has ambitions to grow 29% to outpace the market average and reinforce its leadership. Likewise Budget, the second in the market, targets 36% growth to strengthen its position. At end-2014, the Company also entered the nascent car sharing sector with its brand “Zipcar”. The scope of “Zipcar” operations will be expanded and the sector is expected to take shape in 2015.

In car rentals, utilizing opportunities abroad is seen as a key part of the growth strategy. Furthermore, in 2015, the Company is aiming to launch a new car rental brand.

In 2015, investments will grow 29% to TL 1,167 million, of which TL 1,145 million will be dedicated to car renewal and new car purchases (22,226 units).