Launched 3 new stores in 2014

Served more than 11 million customers

Koçtaş leads Turkey’s DIY (Do It Yourself) market, with 43 stores and a total sales area of 234,000 m2 serving more than 11 million customers. Meanwhile, the number of Koçtaş Fix stores increased to six. The Fix format aims at greater proximity to customers to meet their simpler, on the spot repair and maintenance needs.

While Koçtaş brand awareness among Turkish consumers was 100%, it achieved the highest customer loyalty in the sector, rising 5.4 points above the sector average on the customer satisfaction index.

Koçtaş clarified its long-term strategies with its GPS project and trained its employees accordingly. In line with the feedback from the project, the Company revised its commercial strategy towards becoming clients’ primary destination - and the first address that springs to mind - in leading categories.

In response to the evolution of customer expectations and shopping habits due to rapidly-changing technologies and socio-economic conditions, the Company launched a number of innovations in the sector, such as the Fix format, with an average 200 m2 of sales area; the Omnichannel shopping experience; and Click & Collect kiosks. These alternative sales channels have been created to capture customers so they can access Koçtaş’s wide product range. The Click & Collect kiosks now available at all KoçtaşFix stores will also be installed at smaller Koçtaş stores in the near future.

The revamped online sales channel drew 11 million more visitors over the prior year, leading to a 45% increase in turnover.

The second phase of the mobile application and mobile commerce web site was completed. In 2014, Koçtaş was also among the most active corporate users of Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram and Pinterest. The Company’s 2014 digital marketing campaigns yielded a total of five awards at the Crystal Apple and Direct Marketing Communications Awards.

In the process of inaugurating new stores and carrying out social responsibility projects, Koçtaş delivers its vision of “better homes, better lives” to new provinces. Koçtaş renovated the Mentally Handicapped Children’s Dormitory in Adana during its store opening in the city, and the Kocaeli Association for Autistic Children during its store opening in Kocaeli.

2015 and beyond

In addition to the Diyarbakır store that will open in April and Samsun store that will open in May, the plan is to rapidly increase the number of “Fix Stores” located in urban areas. In the next few years, Koçtaş will continue to offer developing customer experience in all its sales channels and to open new stores in the cities where it currently is not present.