Koç Finansman

Koç Finansman is Turkey’s first consumer finance company. It provides loans for the purchase of all kinds of goods and services. It operates mainly in the automotive sector, but also in the service sector and the housing loan market and it provides insurance brokerage services. In 2013, Koç Finansman extended loans totaling TL 1,427 million and its loan portfolio grew to TL 1,731 million.

Koç Finansman’s legal infrastructure was laid through Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies Law No. 6361 passed on 13 December 2012.

The Company’s credit rating efforts resulted in a 2013 rating of (National) short-term (TR) A1 and long-term (TR) A.

Basing its strategies on the theme “Build the Future,” Koç Finansman is progressively expanding its range of products and business areas. It aims to diversify its lending areas and to improve its service quality in all areas in need of financing.