Intellectual Property

More than 7,100 trademarks

More than 3,000 patent families

More than 6,600 patents

More than 700 industrial designs

More than 4,200 internet domain names

Turkey’s largest intellectual property portfolio

The Koç Group derives its growing competitiveness from innovations it makes in all fields. Therefore, Koç Group’s intellectual property rights constitute one of its most important drivers of growth, competitiveness and profitability.

With the goal of increasing value for investors, the Koç Group increases investment in intellectual property year after year and places great importance on intellectual property management.

The Koç Group defines its intellectual property rights strategy as follows:

  • Maximizing its use of the intellectual property rights system to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve the best business results,
  • Protecting difference-making innovations and strong brands in its markets of operations,
  • Creating value by managing its intellectual property portfolio in alignment with business goals,
  • Commercializing intellectual property through acquisition, sale or licensing and being open to partnerships in this field,
  • Respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

Koç Group is the first group in Turkey to have established and shared an intellectual property strategy with its stakeholders. Koç Group initiated the Koç Intellectual Property Management Project to implement the Group’s intellectual property strategy. This project has facilitated important gains and it will strive to do more.

The Koç Group intellectual property rights portfolio - consisting of over 7,100 trademarks, 3,000 patent families and 6,600 patents, 700 industrial designs and 4,200 internet domain names - is the largest in Turkey and the most important one in the region in which it operates.

The Koç Group of Companies filed 400 patent and utility model applications in 2013 and 563 such applications in 2014. Koç Group companies are Turkey’s patent champions. According to “The Top Local Patent Applicants List - 2013” of the Turkish Patent Institute, four Koç Group Companies rank on the top 10 list and three other Koç Group Companies are on the top 30 list. Arçelik takes the 1st place, while Ford Otosan is 2nd, Tofaş is 6th and TürkTraktör is 9th. Other Koç Group Companies that rank on the top 30 list are Otokar, Arçelik-LG and Tüpraş.

In 2014, Koç Holding organized an event to celebrate “World Intellectual Property Day.” On this occasion, the most recent international intellectual property rights practices were discussed. Group companies which are patent champions were awarded by Koç Holding top management.

In addition, the Koç Group has pioneered many efforts to develop Turkey’s intellectual property rights ecosystem and to spread intellectual property rights usage more actively in Turkey’s commercial arena. The Group also shares its experience in this area through various seminars and conferences.