Ford Otosan

Turkey’s trade powerhouse

Turkey’s youngest commercial vehicle range

Turkey’s automotive company with the largest production capacity

Export champion of the Turkish automotive sector

Turkey’s trade powerhouse

2014 was a year of transition in which Ford Otosan completed its investment program initiated in 2010, rolling out new products and expanding its production capacity. Owing to product renewals, however, there appeared a temporary weakness in production, sales and export figures. Nevertheless, the new generation Ford Transit was launched in March and Ford Courier in May, adding momentum to the sales performance. Ford Courier, following its launch, became the top selling car in the B segment light commercial vehicles from June to December.

Due to the rise in the foreign exchange rates in the first half of the year, passenger car sales were depressed.

In 2014, Ford Otosan ranked 3rd in the overall market, with a share of 11.6%. In commercial vehicles (excluding buses), the Company maintained its leadership with a 26.6% share.

Turkey’s youngest commercial vehicle range

The first version of the new generation Transit was released to the market in March, and the product range was completed with the phases launched in April and October. Ford Courier was commercialized in May, following a successful 40-month period of engineering, prototyping, as well as factory construction, and manufacturing. The entire engineering responsibility of Courier, Ford’s first light commercial vehicle on the B platform, rests with Ford Otosan.

Automotive company with the largest production capacity in Turkey

Total investment expenditures reached US$ 370 million in 2014. As part of Ford Otosan’s ambitious investment program of US$ 1.4 billion, the Yeniköy Plant, constructed within a record time of 16 months and opened on May 22, has a high-level technology used for the first time in the Ford network. The Yeniköy Plant with an annual production capacity of 110,000 units will be Ford Courier’s sole manufacturing center. With the completion of the investment, total capacity rose to 400,000 units at the Kocaeli plant and to 15,000 units at the Inönü Plant.

Export champion of the Turkish automotive sector

Despite a fall in the export volume owing to product transitions, Ford Custom’s superior success helped Ford Otosan reach an export figure of US$ 3.2 billion in 2014 and become the export champion of the sector for the fourth time in a row, reinforcing its position as net exporter.

Ford’s global engineering center for heavy commercial vehicles and related diesel engines and engine systems

Ford Otosan, which is Ford’s global engineering center for heavy commercial vehicles and related diesel engine and engine systems, is also a support center for light commercial vehicle design and engineering. Gölcük Engineering Center focuses on engines and vehicle tests. Ford Otosan’s technology and R&D center in Sancaktepe, the largest in the Turkish automotive sector, was established with a total investment of TL 60 million. The center works on the development of engines and engine systems. Sancaktepe R&D Center was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, becoming Ford Otosan’s second R&D Center.

Gölcük R&D Center - Exhaust Emission Systems Test Center

The Exhaust Emissions Systems Test Center, which opened its doors at Ford Otosan’s Gölcük R&D Center, is Ford’s first facilities in the world delivering this type of service.

İnönü Engine Test Center

Ford Otosan’s second Engine Test Center is the only such facilities in Turkey which can carry out tests for engines with a capacity of more than 13 liters.

Ford Otosan exporting technology to China

Ford Otosan signed an agreement with China’s Jiangling Motors Corporation Ltd. (JMC) to have its patented Ecotorq engines manufactured in China, the world’s largest truck market, for use in JMC vehicles. Ford Otosan thereby recorded another first for Turkey by exporting technology to China. In July 2014, a technology licensing agreement was signed with the same company for chassis, cabin and spare parts of the current trucks.

Truck manufacturing agreement with Avtotor in Russia

Ford Otosan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Avtotor Holding to assemble trucks and tractors, manufactured at the Inönü Factory, in Russia.

Ford Otosan, with its 55 years history, is a technology company,

having a perfect business model with vehicle and engine manufacturing capability, high engineering competency, competitive R&D organization and experience in exporting engineering. The Company continues to raise its level through new projects and investments. Following 2014, designated as the “Year of Commercial Vehicle,” Ford Otosan declared 2015 as the “Year of Automobiles” and plans to make ambitious leaps in all models, starting with the launch of the new Focus in November.