39-year deep-rooted history

16% growth in 2014

Founded in 1975, Düzey increased sales revenues 16% in 2014.

Düzey has made improvements to the distribution system it launched in 2003 and is arguably the most efficient means of marketing and distributing. Düzey distributes the Koç Group brands Tat, SEK and Pastavilla, as well as Landlite energy-saving light bulbs, Ekin Bakliyat grain, Rest cleaning supplies, Prenses sugar, Şölen Tea and Sony batteries. The Company has established its own sales teams in large urban areas with high growth potential.

In 2011, Düzey expanded its domestic distribution portfolio to include the Nutella and Kinder brands. In parallel to the new brands it is authorized to distribute, Düzey has developed its logistics and technological infrastructure.

In 2014, the Company started the sales and distribution of fruit juice products with the brand Tedi, a partnership between Tat and Maspex. Furthermore, an agreement was signed with Marmara Birlik (MB), the leading olive products company in Turkey, regarding the distribution of MB-branded olive products, starting from 2015.

Düzey will continue to grow in 2015 and beyond, and will remain a pioneer in the sector with the support of its suppliers and employees.