DİVAN: “The Best Moments, The Best Taste”

DİVAN: “A Gourmet Journey”

DİVAN: “A Brand Personalized for You”

The Divan Group operates 18 hotels, 1 residence, 19 patisseries, 42 bakeries, 13 restaurants, 2 stadium concessions and 3 catering units. The Group creates synergy and implements its growth strategy by gathering hotel management, production, banquet organization and cafe-restaurant management under one roof.

In the domestic market where international hotel chains operate with many sub-brands, the Group has created sub-brands under the “Divan” name such as Divan Suites, Divan Express, Divan Residence and Managed by Divan.

The 65-room Divan Suites Batumi opened in May 2014, the 108-room Divan Suites Gaziantep in August 2014, and the 140-room Divan Suites Güneşli in September 2014. Divan Express Eskişehir, with 110 rooms, started operations in November 2014. The Divan Residence Gaziantep hotel opened its doors in February 2014, followed by the Divan Residence Güneşli G-Plus in September 2014.

Coming projects include:

  • The 556 units apartment G-Marin, Managed by Divan, in second quarter 2015,
  • The 180-room Divan Adana, the 172-room Divan Mersin and the 153-room Divan Diyarbakır in third quarter 2015,
  • The 127-room Divan Express Cizre in fourth quarter 2016,
  • The 120-room Divan Express Denizli in fourth quarter 2017.

Divan Brasserie Beyoğlu was inaugurated in April 2014. In December 2014, renovation started at Divan Kuruçeşme. Reconstruction projects are expected to be completed in 18 months. Operations were suspended at Divan Antalya Hotel to prepare for renovations.

2015 and beyond

In January 2015, Divan’s production areas were transferred to the Company’s new factory located in Taşdelen. The new facility enables a 180% growth in capacity.

In May 2015, the first patisserie will be opened at Lagoona Mall, in Qatar, to be followed by new branches in other venues abroad.