Demir Export

One of Turkey’s largest and most well established mining companies

Demir Export is one of the largest and most well established mining companies in Turkey. The Company mines and sells coal, iron ore, copper and chromite concentrates from 13 mining operations in various parts of Turkey as of 2014.

In 2014, the equipment necessary for the Eynez East Underground Coal Project in Soma, Manisa was transported on site and preparation on the first longwall production panel was completed. Some 40,000 tons of coal extracted in the construction phase was sold. Demir Export, in line with its slogan “our most important underground asset is our workforce,” is about to complete this fully mechanized coal mine investment, the first of its kind in Turkey, with the highest standards of work safety.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the Bakırtepe Gold Mine Project, which was previously recalled, was revised and a favorable EIA report was obtained in December 2014. In line with corporate social responsibility principles, the scope of the technical analysis was enhanced in due consideration of their social impact within the scope of the new EIA report. The investment in the mine is targeted to be completed and the first gold extracted in 2015.

The iron ore beneficiation plant at the Divriği Iron Ore Mine was completed and is set to start production in 2015. Ferrocom Madencilik, acquired in 2013, was merged with Demir Export. At Sivas Kangal Coal Plant, the agreement with the operating company, which expired in November 2014, was extended with a new 30-month agreement for 16.5 million tons.

Drilling operations continued for the Erzurum İspir Phase 1 copper-zinc project; work on environmental and social impact assessments was completed and the EIA application was filed. The goal is to receive all permissions and complete the engineering work in 2015, and start construction in 2016.

By conducting domestic and overseas exploration and project development activities for iron, gold, copper, silver, zinc and coal, Demir Export forges ahead towards its goal of becoming Turkey’s largest and leading mining company.