Leading global IT brand distributor for 30 years

More than 120% growth in 2014

Bilkom has been distributing leading global IT brands for 30 years. It has been prominent in the sector for an added-value service approach and continues to raise the bar as Turkey’s digital life coach.

Bilkom markets and sells all trendsetting brands - such as Apple, Adobe and Graphisoft - throughout Turkey under an added-value distributorship strategy. In 2014, Bilkom grew over 120%, bringing its sales volume to above TL 760 million. The Company continues to fortify its strong position in the sector with a competitive workforce and operational efficiency.

Bilkom, which distributes mobile life products such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and related accessories, stands out in the Turkish IT market with both an efficient business model and an exemplary focused-distribution model. This strategy successfully resulted in Bilkom becoming the retail market focused distributor of ASUS Zenfone smartphones in 2014, ambitiously entering the Android smartphone market.

The Company boasts a rich product range including all Apple products, primarily the iPhone, iPad, Mac computer line and related accessories; the product range has further expanded with the addition of ASUS Zenfone smartphones. Bilkom delivers products to consumers in more than 750 retail sales locations across 81 provinces. In 2015, the Company will continue sustainable and profitable growth, exceeding the IT sector average growth by capitalizing on its core brands and future-oriented technologies.

Bilkom successfully completed its social responsibility project, “History Comes Alive 3D,” with the creation of a mobile 3D representation of the ancient city of Pergamon. The project was initiated to support Turkey’s world heritage sites, in line with Company’s aim to be a “Digital Life Coach.” In a global first, the Company’s mobile app “iVisit Anatolia” garnered first prizes for “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project” and “Technology and Telecoms Sector PR” at the 2014 Felis Awards.