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Yapı Kredi consolidated asset size


Market share in credit cards*, sector leader

In 2014, total loans in the sector climbed to TL 1.179 billion, up 18% compared to year-end 2013.

Developments in the banking sector in 2014

The Turkish banking sector carried out its 2014 activities in a quite volatile environment because of the global and national developments. At global level, the major items on the agenda were: Fed’s timing and amount of rate rise, European Central Bank’s (ECB) policies, geopolitical risks and the slump in oil prices. In the country; the Turkish Central Bank’s (TCMB) policies and national political developments like the local (municipality) elections and presidential elections had impacts on the business environment.

Total cash loans in the banking sector climbed to TL 1,179 billion increasing by 18% on annual basis. This increase was caused particularly by TL denominated business loans and SME loans whereas a 6% decrease was recorded in credit cards due to legal regulations.

Total deposit growth was 10% as the deposit base reached TL 1,050 billion. The ratio of cash loans to deposits (TL bonds included) rose to 116%, up 8 percentage points.

Diversification of resources for funding in the sector continued as: TL denominated bond issues totaled TL 31 billion, FX denominated bond issues amounted to US$ 25 billion, subordinated bond issues totaled US$ 11 billion.

In 2014, the net profit figure of the banking sector, excluding the sale of Yapı Kredi Insurance in 2013, reached TL 24.6 billion, increasing 10% while the capital adequacy ratio was 15.7%. The percentage of non-performing loans increased 20 basis points and reached 2.8% compared to year-end 2013.

Koç Holding Banking and Insurance Group

Koç Financial Services, a Koç Holding and UniCredit Group 50%-50% joint venture, and Koç Finansman, Turkey’s first consumer finance company, operate in this segment under the Banking and Insurance Group.

Koç Financial Services is the parent company of Yapı Kredi, established in 1944 as Turkey’s first private nationwide bank, and of various subsidiaries that are leaders in their own segments.

Yapı Kredi provides retail banking (which includes credit cards, individual banking and SME banking), corporate and commercial banking, as well as private banking and wealth management.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2014, Yapı Kredi exceeded 1,000 branches and increased its number of new customers by 2.7 times. Besides its commercial outcomes, this success also brought more than 30 awards to the Bank.

The only financial services company providing loans independent from brands in several sectors and various fields such as automotive, housing, education and home appliances, Koç Finansman’s loan portfolio in 2014 was TL 2.3 billion.