A brand closed identified with the LPG product

A Company that creates awareness with an environmentalist approach, investments and social responsibility projects in the least embraced areas

The country’s first and only publicly traded LPG Company, Aygaz, which was the first Koç Holding company in the energy sector, ranks 10th on the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s listing of Turkey’s largest industrial enterprises. Established in 1961, Aygaz has maintained its lead in the domestic LPG market.

An efficient dealer and distribution network

Providing services across the country through 2,200 sales points with the Aygaz, Mogaz and Lipetgaz brands, Aygaz maintains a competitive edge in the cylinder gas market owing to its well-established dealership structure, an institutionalized business culture, proximity to customers as well as high quality and swift services. While the overall total demand in Turkey grew 1.6% in 2014 over the previous year, LPG sales of Aygaz increased 1.2%.

According to the Turkish Quality Association’s Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME) 2014 survey, Aygaz maintains leadership in customer satisfaction in the sector.

In 2013-2014, as part of Aygaz Summer Festival, the Company reached out to over 15,000 consumers in 20 locations in Turkey. At the event, participants were also informed about Koç Group’s “No Barriers for My Country” campaign, which is designed to raise awareness about citizens with disabilities and make their lives easier.

Aygaz’s autogas sales rose 4% over the previous year to 688 thousand tons. In 2014, Aygaz expanded its distribution network by 6% which is the most extensive in Turkey with over 1,600 licensed autogas stations.

In order to enhance the perceptions of potential customers about autogas, the Company carried out communication activities under the umbrella of the project “Geleceğe Yol Al (Head to the Future).” Under the project, the LPG information website www.gelecegeyolal.com was launched. The site also draws attention to climate change and what can be done to counter it. The project was promoted among mass audiences through both digital and conventional communication channels. There was one-on-one communication activities with consumers through 13 roadshows organized in 10 provinces. Roadshows reached out to over 360,000 individuals.

Aygaz also launched the website www.otogazla.com in 2014 to enhance its relations with autogas conversion firms. The web site brings together consumers who want to convert their car to LPG with Aygaz Conversion Club members. The Company continued to invest in the Club and helped improve the service level in these centers with various training programs. Some 131 conversion centers in 42 provinces were visited and 320 employees were trained.


The capital expenditures of Aygaz and its subsidiaries reached

TL 81 million in 2014.

The Company acquired a 24.81% stake in Entek Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş. from AES Mont Blanc Holdings B.V., bringing its total share holding to 49.62%.


In 2014, water sales were conducted in four regions, 31 provinces through 525 dealers. Carboy water sales increased 22% over 2013 to a total of 6.6 million units. With this sales volume, the Company reached a 2.1% market share in the carboy water sector, where over 300 firms compete and the market leader has an 11% share following recent acquisitions.

Main awards
  • According to the “Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index” by Turkish Quality Association and KA Research, Aygaz was named the leader of the cylinder gas sector and received a Silver Prize, the Company’s fifth customer satisfaction award
  • For its advertisement efforts, Otogaz garnered the Bronz Effie at “EFFIE Turkey Advertisement Event,” the Kırmızı Award at “Kırmızı: The Best in Media Advertisement” award organization, and one Crystal, one Silver and two Bronze Apples at the “26th Crystal Apple Creativity Festival”
  • At Export Stars Awards organized by İstanbul Mining and Metal Exporters Union (İMMİB), the Company came in first in the mineral fuels category
  • By upgrading its corporate governance rating to 9.29, Aygaz made it to the top three in the BIST listing and the top 150, the uppermost level, in the global listing of the World Corporate Governance Index
2015 and beyond

Aygaz’s main goal is to be the leading energy solutions provider in Turkey and other potential LPG and natural gas markets. Foremost among Aygaz’s short- and medium-term strategies is increasing the Company’s market share across all segments to sustain leadership and raise profitability. Its long-term goal is to expand its energy product and service offering by generating alternative projects that will meet Turkey’s growing energy needs.


In addition to selling and transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG), Aygaz Doğal Gaz sells natural gas obtained in the domestic market through pipelines to eligible consumers.

The Company’s sales revenues increased 122% to TL 962 million in 2014. The Company signed natural gas procurement deals reaching 1.1 billion m3 with import companies in 2014, and managed to nearly double its turnover.