Yapı Kredi

Market Shares

  • 4th among private banks in terms of asset size
  • 5th in credit volume with 9.5% market share
  • 6th in total deposits with a 9.1% market share
  • Leader in credit cards’ outstanding volume with 20.6% market share
  • Leader in financial leasing with 14.8%, and in factoring with 16.9% market shares
  • 2nd in mutual funds with 18.2% market share and 3rd in equity transaction volume with 6.9% market share
  • 5th in number of branches with 8.6% market share
  • Pioneer in mobile banking with 10.9% market share

Total Assets

TL 160 billion

Return on Average Tangible Equity

16.7% (25.7% including Yapı Kredi Sigorta sale)

Shareholder Structure

Koç Financial Services 81.80%
Free Float 18.20%


Yapı Kredi consolidated its customer base, effectively managed its liquidity and reinforced its capital structure in 2013.

Yapı Kredi expanded its network throughout the year to give its customers the fastest and most easily accessible service and it improved its alternative distribution channels through innovation.

2013 performance

In 2013, Yapı Kredi recorded a healthy performance, despite difficult operating conditions and without compromising its customer-focused banking approach. Turkey’s 4th largest private bank and one of the strongest institutions in the banking sector, Yapı Kredi’s net profits increased by 13% to TL 2.4 billion and tangible return on average equity grew to 16.7%, excluding Yapı Kredi Sigorta sale. During the same period, the bank’s capital adequacy ratio reached 16%, the highest among its peers, due to its focused approach.

One of 2013’s most important developments for Yapı Kredi was the sale of its insurance subsidiaries to Allianz in July, from which it obtained TL 1.3 billion in capital gains. Within the scope of this well-timed and successful transaction, Yapı Kredi and Allianz signed an exclusive 15-year bank-assurance partnership agreement, under which Yapı Kredi will continue to provide its customers with insurance and personal retirement products through its extensive branch network and innovative alternative delivery channels.

Awards received for a successful year

Yapı Kredi is on the mark when it comes to identifying banking and social needs and it has received great praise for its performance. Throughout the year, the bank received nearly 20 awards for its products, educational activities, brand value and social responsibility projects. In a Financial Times 2013 ranking of Europe’s largest companies, Yapı Kredi rose sharply 64 places to 194. Erste Group research placed Yapı Kredi among the top ten banks for growth potential in Central and Eastern Europe. Included for the first time in Brand Finance’s listing of the most valuable 500 Banks in the world, Yapı Kredi entered at 135th place.

Yapı Kredi Private Banking received the Best Private Banking award from Global Finance Market Review. In addition, Yapı Kredi won many prestigious awards, local and foreign, for its work in management development, operational excellence, internal audit and accessible banking.

Customer-oriented Smart Growth strategy

Yapı Kredi, which puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, expanded its credit volume by 28% in 2013, reaching TL 99.4 billion by the end of the year, which provided finance for the economy. The top contributors to credit growth were consumer loans, credit cards and project financing. Its loans to assets ratio rose to 62%, one of the highest levels in the sector while the share of securities portfolio in total assets came down to 14%. Its deposit volume, on account of the foreign currency weighting, grew at a rate of 24% to TL 88.5 billion. This success is the result of its Smart Growth strategy of offering the right product to the right customer through the right channel at the right price.

Strong and diversified funding base

Diversification of funding sources remained a strategic priority in 2013. Accordingly, the bank obtained around of US$ 5.2 billion in syndications, securitizations, eurobonds, and in other instruments.

Continually expanding innovative service network

Yapı Kredi continued to expand its branch network and innovative delivery channels throughout 2013 to provide its customers with the fastest and most accessible service. Yapı Kredi opened 21 new branches, boosting the number of branches to 949 by year’s end. This represents 8.6% market share, making it Turkey’s 5th largest branch network. In addition, Yapı Kredi provided services to 9.7 million customers through its wide service network consisting of 3,000 advanced ATMs, a double-award-winning call center with an annual call capacity of 42 million, internet banking which reaches 3.2 million customers, and its pioneering mobile banking. Yapı Kredi again showed itself as a pioneer in the Turkish banking sector in 2013 through its 83% share of banking transactions performed via alternative delivery channels.

2014 and beyond

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2014, Yapı Kredi will continue to provide service through its “Unlimited Service” approach. The Bank aims to reinforce its leadership of the sector through its customer-oriented approach and to hasten investments in efficiency, infrastructure, human resources and its service network.