Tat Gıda

Total Revenues

(TL million)

Domestic Market Position

Leader in ketchup with 31.8% revenue share, in tomato paste with 30.6% revenue share, in tomato products with 64.8% revenue share, in pasteurized milk with 37.8% revenue share, and in premium pasta with 51.5% revenue share

Share of International Revenues


Profit Before Tax

TL 27 million

Net Income

TL 2 million (TL 22 million excluding the effect of discontinued operations)

Shareholder Structure

Koç Holding 43.65%
Other Koç 9.68%
Kagome Co. Ltd. 3.73%
Sumitomo Corp. 1.53%
Free Float 41.41%


Tat Gıda is expanding its product portfolio with healthy, youthful and practical products.

SEK is expanding the pasteurized milk category in Turkey with its youthful and innovative products.

Founded in 1967, Tat Gıda is among Turkey’s largest food companies, having consolidated the Tat, SEK, Maret and Pastavilla brands under a single roof in 2003.

Market leader and pioneer in new products

While the Tat brand maintained its leadership in the tomato paste, ketchup and tomato products categories, it took steps to strengthen its position in the sauce, convenience foods and mayonnaise segments.

Despite rising competition, the SEK brand maintained its dominance in the pasteurized milk category through the introduction of new generation products. SEK has repositioned itself as a dairy products company through increasing its sales in segments such as ayran, fruit juice, sahlep and whipping cream.

Maret is a leading delicatessen brand with an especially strong position in the sausage and cold cuts category. With strong brand recognition and trust, Maret is one of the most valuable brands on the market.

Pastavilla remained the leading brand in the premium pasta category, with new varieties of pasta and sauces added to its portfolio.

Tat expanded its portfolio in 2013 with the launches of 36 products in its SEK, Maret and Pastavilla brands.

  • The Tat Acı Sos (Tat Hot Sauce) family entered the developing sauce category
  • Varieties of canned tuna in the highly lucrative fish category
  • Coffee, vanilla and orange-flavored chocolate milk in the milk and dairy products categories
  • Geleneksel Sucuk (Traditional Sujuk) and Altin Seri Sosis (Gold-series Sausages), the two highest revenue-generating product groups in the meat category
  • Pastavilla Tam Buğday (Whole Wheat) in the premium pasta category.

Active acquisitions and sales in 2013

It was decided to halt operations of Harranova Besi ve Tarım Ürünleri (Harranova Stockfarming and Meat Production Facility), in which Tat Gıda is a partner, and to evaluate strategic options. Tat Gıda sold its share in Tat Tohumculuk (Tat Seeds) to Kagome Co. Ltd. for TL 15 million. The Company also took the significant step of forming a partnership with the Polish Maspex company, a leading beverage company in Europe, to make a major leap into the children’s fruit juice market in Turkey.

Main awards

The European Union officially recognized the quality of SEK Dairy Plant in 2013. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry conducted plant inspections in accordance with EU norms and directives and these determined that production was hygienic and fully accountable, and that product quality and the production process met EU standards. Accordingly, the plant was granted a license to export to the European Union.

Tat received the “Silver” prize in the food category at the Effie Awards. KALDER research confirmed the Company as a leader for customer satisfaction in the tomato paste and sauce categories. Tat was accepted into the Turquality program, which is an important source of state support for international branding efforts. BrandSpark Turkey Shopping Behavior and Habits Research named SEK brand’s 500 ml Light Fresh Milk product the “Best New Brand of 2013.”

2014 and beyond

Tat aims to reinforce its market leadership through creating added-value products under the SEK, Maret and Pastavilla brands. While maintaining profitable growth, it plans to raise consumer awareness in categories with high growth potential, and thereby to raise sales volume. Raising brand recognition requires consistent and constant communication. New products will be launched to strength specialty brand awareness.

In the next 5 years, Tat Gıda’s revenues are expected to be doubled. The Company’s long-term domestic market goals are to increase scale, sales volume and profitability by focusing on categories that will contribute to revenue growth. Its principal international market strategies are to increase sales of branded and retail products, to move to micro distribution through distributors, to raise consumer awareness, and to expand the product portfolio and customer numbers.