Shareholder and Investor Relations

As the largest investment holding company in Turkey, Koç Holding is regarded as the best proxy to invest in Turkey’s high growth potential.

Koç Holding and the Group’s 12 publicly traded companies represent 16% of total market capitalization on the Borsa İstanbul (BIST) at the end of 2013.

Koç Holding strives to continuously increase shareholder value by implementing international standards in corporate governance and investor relations.

In 2013, Koç Holding Investor Relations attended a total of 23 roadshows and conferences in Turkey and abroad and held over 600 meetings with existing and potential investors. It organizes webcasts on a quarterly basis to share financial results with participation of high level managers.

Koç Holding’s Value Added for its Investors

  • The best proxy to invest in Turkey’s high growth potential on the BIST
  • Turkey’s largest investment holding company
  • Strategies focused on sustainable profitability and increasing shareholder value
  • Strong net cash position and solid balance sheet structure
  • High growth potential as leader in sectors with low penetrations and advantages of economies of scale
  • Superior and sustainable improvement of operating performance
  • Portfolio structure resilient to economic volatility and risks
  • Efficient risk and opportunity management, supported by extensive customer database as well as effective early warning systems
  • 88 years of a proven track record, built by proactive restructuring, M&A’s, privatizations as well as domestic and international partnerships

Koç Holding’s Added Value for its Group Companies

  • Reliability, strong reputation and powerful brand management based on 88 years of experience
  • Guidance in defining long term strategies and exchange of best practices throughout the Group
  • Financing opportunities to facilitate companies to make investments that will strengthen their international competitiveness
  • Strong balance sheet management and ability to access advantageous terms of financing
  • Embracing universal standards of corporate governance, business practices, ethical principles, environmental policies and working conditions through application of Group vision and objectives
  • Broad distribution channels, comprehensive customer information and database facilitating effective CRM capabilities
  • Benefits of economies of scale and effective resource management
  • Performance management system focused on creating shareholder value
  • Effective use of early warning systems and strong risk management, backed by leading positions in diversified business segments
  • Strong human resources infrastructure

The growing foreign institutional investor base and the fact that Koç Holding trades with much lower discounts to its NAV compared to its domestic and global peers are the results of high shareholder value creation.

As a sign of the high shareholder value created by Koç Holding, it consistently trades with much lower discounts to its capitalized NAV compared to all other holding companies in Turkey.


In 2013, Koç Holding outperformed the BIST Holding Index as well as the BIST 30 Index. While the average value of the BIST 30 Index and BIST Holding Index increased 23% and 25%, respectively, over the preceding year, Koç Holding’s average market value rose 39%.


The share of foreign institutional investors in Koç Holding increased steadily. In the last five years, the share of foreign investors in Koç Holding’s free float rose to 78.4% from 55.4%. At the same period, the foreign share in BIST’s free float fell to 62.6% from 67.5%.