RMK Marine

RMK Marine is the first private sector shipyard in Turkey to provide in-house design and turn-key solutions.

Joining the Koç Group in 1997, RMK Marine provides construction, maintenance and repair services for tankers, off-shore vessels, tugboats, military ships and superyachts in Tuzla.

RMK Marine is the first private sector Turkish shipyard to design and provide turnkey solutions. It is one of only two Turkish shipyards, including military ones, to have attained AQAP 2110 NATO Quality Management System certification and it is the first private sector shipyard in Turkey to receive design certification.

The largest warship project

RMK Marine won the tender for four Coast Guard search and rescue ships, the largest military vessel project ever awarded to the private sector in Turkey. Three of the ships - the TCSG Dost, TCSG Umut and TCSG Güven - were delivered at ceremonies in 2013. The final ship, TCSG Yaşam, is scheduled for delivery in 2014.

The shipyard has submitted its unique and innovative designs for the Turkish Fast Attack Craft project, for which the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries is organizing a tender.

RMK Marine is exhibiting its capabilities internationally with its own designs of 42-meter Fast Attack Craft, 66-meter Multi-role Coast Guard Vessel, and the 85-meter Corvette class platform.

Special turnkey solutions

Construction of two 19,000-DWT asphalt tankers for Ditaş, which began in October 2012, is continuing. The ships, the T. ESRA and the T. AYLİN, are the largest asphalt tankers built in Turkey and they are scheduled for delivery in 2014.

Global brand in superyachts

The first Oyster 125 series superyacht, the Twilight, manufactured in collaboration with the British Oyster brand, was delivered in May 2013.

2014 and beyond

The Company is focusing on standardizing asphalt ships, establishing systems for the construction of special purpose for off-shore vessels, creating standard products based on the military vessel form it has developed, positioning for the construction of the naval frigates through foreign partnership, and preparing bids for military and commercial ship construction.

RMK Marine’s long-term goal is to build ships having high added value and to construct motor yachts over 50 meters under the RMK Marine brand.