Ram Dış Ticaret

Ram: The past and present key to modern trade

Since its founding, Ram Dış Ticaret has conducted commercial operations in markets neighboring Turkey and, in the process, established an international reputation as a reliable trading partner.

In 2013, the Company continued shipping refined petroleum products from the Tüpraş Kırıkkale Refinery in tankers to Iraq, as it has done since 2008. Overcoming all security hurdles, the Company delivers its customers’ orders on time, at the right tonnage, and to the designated delivery points.

The US Department of Defense, a Ram customer, presented the Company with a certificate of appreciation for its outstanding delivery performance.

Central purchasing continued to procure through Erdemir and Borçelik flat steel products for Group companies. About 270,000 tons of supplies were acquired with considerable advantage for our Group and its subsidiaries.

Ram has begun exporting tractor units and commercial vehicles to Turkmenistan, a developing market in Central Asia. Shipments of dumper trucks, particularly for the construction sector, have started to accelerate.

Ram ramped up efforts to import paper products and enlarged its share of the domestic market.

Ram continued representing Boeing and Sikorsky in the aviation sector, delivering passenger aircraft to Turkmenistan Airlines (3), Kazakhstan Air Astana (2) and Uzbekistan Airlines (1).

In 2013, the Company had sales revenues of TL 832 million, operating profit of TL 11 million, and pretax profit of TL 10 million.

Ram Dış Ticaret’s long-range goals are to reduce regional risks by developing local operations in target markets and to lead the domestic market in the products it imports.