Total Revenues

(TL million)


Leader in the 25+ passenger bus market
Largest supplier of land vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces
Largest private sector defense company in Turkey

Share of International Revenues


Profit Before Tax

TL 108 million

Net Income

TL 97 million

Shareholder Structure

Koç Holding 44.68%
Other Koç 3.29%
Ünver Holding 24.81%
Free Float 27.22%


A pioneering company for 50 years in Turkey.

The most preferred brand of buses in Turkey for 4 consecutive years.

Otokar aims to maintain its leadership in the bus market and to increase its market share in the light truck segment.

Otokar, which has provided Turkey with a long list of firsts - the first intercity bus, the first armored tactical vehicle - celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. The Company’s revenues grew by 40% to TL 1,402 million and it had exports of US$ 117 million. Allocating 5% of its revenues to R&D, Otokar expanded its product portfolio with new products.

Turkey’s most preferred bus brand for the 4th consecutive year

Otokar was Turkey’s most preferred bus brand for the 4th consecutive year. In 2013, three out of every five midi-buses and one out of every two municipal buses sold were Otokar branded. The 900 buses ordered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were delivered. Garaged in four locations, these buses have started their planned five years of service. In response to personnel transportation service providers, TEMPO buses, which have low operating costs, were introduced.

Otokar became the first company to receive the Turkish Standards Institute’s Design Approval Certificate for Elliptical Tanker Trailer and Truck Tankers in line with ADR regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials. The Company added to its product line such specialty models as the Maxi Kesit Tanker, the Mega Iceliner and trailers suitable for loading onto trains.

In 2013, Otokar introduced the 8.5-ton Atlas truck and in the first year, received an order for 158 vehicles from the Ministry of the Environment.

Continuing innovations in defense industry

Otokar designed TULPAR, Turkey’s first original tracked armored vehicle, drawing on its experience in designing land vehicles for the defense industry. The Company added the COBRA II and URAL tactical wheeled armored vehicles to its product family and introduced three tower systems. Otokar is now capable of meeting all Turkey’s needs for land systems through its wheeled and tracked vehicles from 3/4 to 60 tons as well as tower systems.


Otokar successfully completed tests of National Tank Altay prototypes in 2013. As the chief contractor in Altay, Turkey’s national main battle tank project, Otokar stayed on schedule in 2013. The Detail Design Phase, the second of three project phases, was completed in 2013. Work on the project’s final phase, the Prototyping and Qualification Phase, continued. Movement and firing tests on the first two prototypes manufactured were conducted throughout 2013. Altay successfully completed its winter tests in Sarıkamış in March. Firing tests will continue in 2014 and, according to the results derived, two additional Altay prototypes will be manufactured. When completed, the Altay will be the most advanced third-generation main battle tank in the world. The Altay design, prototyping and qualification phase is scheduled for completion in 2015.

2014 and beyond

In 2014, Otokar intends to grow particularly in the public bus and tanker markets. It plans on maintaining its lead in the bus market while raising its market share in the light truck segment. Otokar is continuing to promote its new defense industry products in export markets and to build new Altay prototypes.