As well as enjoying 100% brand recognition, Koçtaş has the highest loyalty rating in the sector at six points above the sector average on customer satisfaction.

Koçtaş leads Turkey’s DIY (Do It Yourself) market, with 41 stores and a total sales area of 218,000 m2. In 2013, it opened five stores, raising the number of provinces in which it operates to 21. The same year, the Company had more than 10 million customers. The number of Koçtaş Fix stores, which it opened to gain greater proximity to its customers and to meet their simpler, on the spot repair and maintenance needs, increased to four with its two store openings in Istanbul in 2013.

While Koçtaş’s brand awareness among Turkish consumers was 100%, it achieved the highest customer loyalty in the sector, rising six points above the sector loyalty average on the customer satisfaction index.

Koçtaş has finalized its long-term strategies through focus research and projects. It aims at becoming consumers’ preferred brand, particularly in the bathroom, ceramics, kitchen, lighting, floor covering and hand-tools categories. Emphasizing its superiority in these categories, Koçtaş differentiated itself through image campaigns in 2013.

This year, 119 projects from 25 universities from Mardin to Antalya participated in the 4th Koçtaş Open Idea Interior Design Contest. This year, Koçtaş plans to sell the winning projects at its stores.

Sales revenues through the Company’s revamped e-commerce website climbed 50% and the site attracted 15 million visitors in 2013.

Koçtaş launched its mobile application and mobile e-commerce site in July, in line with developing trends and changing customer expectations. Since then, more than 20,000 consumers have begun using the mobile application.

In 2013, Koçtaş joined those brands active in social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Its Twitter followers approached 10,000 while its ‘likes’ on Facebook number about 100,000.

The Company’s customer satisfaction research, which successfully identified customers’ wants, has been revamped into a completely online system called “The Real Customer’s Voice.” The system was developed to learn about the experiences customers had that day through an online questionnaire that uses the participating customers’ cash register receipt numbers.

Responding to customer demands, Koçtaş set up Tıkla&Gelsin (Click&Collect) kiosks in 200-300 m2

Koçtaş Fix stores to meet its customers’ small repair-maintenance needs. An alternative sales channel has also been developed for customers wanting to take advantage of Koçtaş’s extensive product range. The Company plans to establish Tıkla&Gelsin kiosks in all Koçtaş Fix stores and, on a smaller scale, in regular Koçtaş stores, in 2014.

Koçtaş’s 2014 goal is to improve its standing in the bathroom, ceramic, kitchen, lighting and hand-tool categories so that it consumers readily associate the Company with them.