Accurately reading the signs of the times, KoçSistem has reinforced its leadership.

KoçSistem, Turkey’s the leading IT services company, has continued its strategy of focusing on areas that shape the business world, such as mobile technologies, cloud computing and managed services, and it has achieved important market leadership positions.

KoçSistem provides its cloud computing services under the brand Maximus Enterprise Cloud Services. According to IDC figures, KoçSistem leads Turkey’s cloud computing market with a 19% share. On being named the Best Commercial Sector Example at the Turkish Cloud Computing Awards, the Company became eligible to represent Turkey at Euro Cloud 2013. It launched the HR Cloud Payroll Management System, which is the first human resources cloud application in Turkey.

KoçSistem leads the Turkish information technology services market, according to the IDC. The Company placed first on the Bilişim 500 list in the System Integrator/Service, Provider Revenues, and Hosting Management categories. It appeared in the finals of the Electronic Industrialists Association of Turkey’s (TESİD) Innovative Creativity Awards for its remote meter-reading product, SistemetriKS. KoçSistem was included among National Champions in the European Business Awards’ Environment and Corporate Sustainability category.

KoçSistem was one of the first companies to get Special Integration authorization from the Revenue Administration for e-billing. The Company received the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Certificate for its distinction in this field.

With its latest investments in manageable security services, KoçSistem has been able to maximize its ability to proactively determine risks before they emerge and offer the right solution at the right time. KoçSistem opened its Security Operation Center in 2013 to provide this service. The Company is capable of addressing wide-ranging needs in this field and managing all services for various companies from a single center.

KoçSistem is one of the few companies representing Turkey in international projects. After joining the EU-supported FInest project, the Company assumed even greater responsibility in the project when it accepted involvement in FIspace, the second phase of the project. The Company also took part in such future-shaping EU projects for developing smart systems, such as CoMoSeF (for smart traffic systems) and SitAC (for smart home applications).

Another important development in 2013 for KoçSistem was the transfer of its shares in Callus Bilgi ve İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., which provides call center and electronic archiving service, to Comdata S.p.A., the international outsource services company based in Italy.

KoçSistem aims to grow at 12% in 2014, which is above the sector average. It intends to increase its market share and make new investments in R&D, business solutions and technology to continue its sector leadership as a company that provides various service models to its customers. Among its long-term goals is increasing its operational radius in Europe with its niche solutions and in neighboring regions with its services experience.