Human Resources and Organization Chart

Our ability to realize our Group’s vision and goals depends on highly qualified people who are committed to our organization.

Continuous investment in human resources and practices is a vital indicator of the importance Koç Holding places on its employees.

As of the end of 2013, the Koç Group employed 80,996 people, of whom 72,381 were in Turkey and 8,615 in other countries. The Koç Group aims at employing the most successful professionals who take pride in creating added value that results in sustainable growth. Its goal is to be the most admired and preferred institution in Turkey. Key to achieving this is utilizing human resources systems and approaches developed through many years of hard work and experience, and continually upgrading them in line with current conditions and needs.


Koç@İnsan enables all employees to access the systems that are used to implement the Company’s human resources policies via a single interface.

This platform is also used as an open communication environment for employees, management of employee data, and ensuring transparency of policies and applications.

Performance Management System

Performance Management System enables effective deployment of Company’s goals to all employees. The system provides a measurement and rewarding tool for success in goal realization and helps in determining employees’ competencies and planning their individual development. Sound communication and mutual feedback and consensus at every step in the process are the foundations of the system.

Salary Management System

The Koç Group’s Salary Management System is based on factors such as the salary market, current salary structure of the Company, purchasing power, salary policy, individual performance and job grade of the employee. With regular market analyses, a competitive and fair salary policy is applied. The bonus system encourages outstanding performance.

Focusing on long-term consequences rather than short-lived achievement, the bonus system aims to reward sustainability and outstanding success.

Job grades which are the basis of the salary management system are determined by job evaluations. An international system is used to ensure that all jobs in all areas across Koç Group are ranked according to their potential contribution to organizational goals and their responsibility levels.

A narrow band model is applied in determining job grades. The narrow band model makes it easy to differentiate grades, facilitates the promotion of employees from one grade to the next and applies the principle of equal pay for equal job size in order to bring the salaries in the same grade possibly closer.

E-Approval Top Management Salary and Bonus System

For top management, the approval procedures for job evaluations, salaries, job grades and bonuses are handled through an electronic system known as the E-Approval System which also displays the top managers’ salary and bonus notifications at the end of the year. Infrastructure providing integration of the system with mobile devices was prepared in 2013.

Fringe Benefits System

The fringe benefit packages offered to employees according to their job grades are reviewed annually to meet employee expectations and to maintain our competitiveness in the market. The goal of these packages, which are seen as a part of total income, is to raise employee engagement to the highest levels.

KPI Monitoring and HR Process Improvement System

The KPI Monitoring and HR Process Improvement System forms the backbone of the Human Resources strategy. Through this system, specific human resources performance indicators are monitored on an annual basis and compared with domestic and foreign companies. Key indicators that directly impact business results are continually maintained and analyzed using a system called “e-metric.”

Strategically important areas requiring attention in addition to those in which we already have sound standing are ascertained. Accordingly, action is taken to ensure standardization of human resources processes and their utilization within the Group as a whole.

KoçAcademy Development Planning and Learning Platform

KoçAcademy provides activities to support the development of Koç Group employees. Activities are planned and implemented according to the Company’s and employees’ needs. Indeed, it serves as the learning and development infrastructure of the Group. In order to identify the most preferred development needs, KoçAcademy has competency and ability assessments tools. According to the results of the assessment, an individual development plan for each employee is formulated by selecting the most appropriate development activities. In addition, KoçAcademy is continuously enriched by new contents like training programs, e-learning modules and articles in order to better support the professional development of the Company’s employees.

Leadership-Potential Assessment Process and LiderSensin Talent Management Program

Koç Group companies define career paths for employees at all levels with an assessment process based on the competencies. Successful employees with high level leadership skills are identified by an application of the Assessment Center and participated in a special program as potential senior managers. This enables the Group to identify the successors of the senior management positions and train them for their future positions proactively.

Corporate Coaching

A Corporate Coaching Program has been created as part of the LiderSensin Talent Management and Development Program. This program provides one-to-one and group coaching services for potential leaders from an assigned corporate coach. This program aims to support the development of these potential leaders closely.

In addition, in order to deploy the coaching culture within the organization, internal coaches are trained in the Group companies. Through their one-to-one coaching of employees from various companies, our internal coaches contribute to their development.

Leader Development Programs

The main objective of Koç Group Leader Development Programs is to form a common management and leadership culture throughout the Group. It also creates a training and business cooperation environment where managers from different Group companies can share their knowledge and experience. In total, 5,673 managers attended these programs between 2002 and 2013.

Internal Job Postings - KoçKariyerim

Koç Group employees have priority when filling vacant positions that are available at the Group companies. KoçKariyerim is a portal used to announce all available positions within the Group and enables the employees to actively participate in shaping their career paths.

“EBK” Most Successful Koç Employees Award System

The Most Successful Koç Employees Award System recognizes and rewards successful employees and spotlights and shares the best practices in the Group. In 2013, a total of 10 white collar and blue collar projects were selected in five categories: Making a Difference, Developing Cooperation, Creating Customer Satisfaction, Creative Innovations and Adding Value to Life. The 93 employees who participated in these projects were rewarded.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

The Work Environment Assessment Survey is conducted every year to measure the engagement as well as the satisfaction of the employees. The factors, which have an impact on the employee engagement, are analyzed. Group companies are given goals on employee engagement and the results are closely monitored.

Industrial Relations

The Koç Group negotiates collective labor agreements with six labor unions. It strives to maintain strong and constructive social dialog with these unions in accordance with European Union Regulations, Koç Group human resources processes and the UN Global Compact. Through the periodic meetings of the Industrial Relations Coordination Group, which was set up to reach this goal, a sustainable and constructive industrial relations culture has been created within the Group. In 2013, important developments occurred due to legislative amendments that directly affect working life coming into force. The Group companies adapted quickly to these amendments and made the mandatory changes.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Board

Amendments to Occupational Health and Safety regulations that began in 2012 continued in 2013. The Occupational Health and Safety Board, which was established out of the Company’s concern for the health and safety of its employees and its desire to comply with regulations, worked even more aggressively in 2013. The Board regularly reviews practices and works to improve Group practices by ensuring greater compliance with regulations. It thus aims to get best practices developed within the Group adopted by other Group companies and to identify high occupational safety standards. In 2013, Board meetings relating to occupational health and safety issues, seminars and trainings increased.

Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Foundation

The Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Foundation was set up in 1967 to provide additional social security and support to Koç Group companies’ employees, who are also covered by the Social Security Institution. The Foundation provides its members with lump-sum payments, retirement pensions, health insurance, and financial assistance services to ensure their comfortable and peaceful retirement. As of the end of 2013, Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Foundation had 53,477 active members and 308 retired members.


The KoçAilem Program provides our employees with various advantages in using Koç Group products and services and also those of other contributing companies. Its objective is to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty and establish a common corporate identity through the benefits it offers and social activities and social responsibility projects it organizes. KoçAilem has around 93,000 members.

Sports Festivals and the Koç Group Sports Club

The 24thAnnual Sports Festival took place in 2013. The festival strengthens Group culture, improves cooperation, contributes to the physical and mental health of employees, and helps employees make the most of their spare time. In 2012, over 3,600 employees participated in the festival in 11 branches of sports.

The Koç Group Sports Club was established in 2012 to improve our employees’ sports and social opportunities. The Club organizes sporting events, courses in several sports and training camps for the employees and their families.

Awards and Achievements

Koç Holding plays a pioneering role in the development of Human Resources practices in Turkey, just as it does in all its other areas of operation. The reorganization of the Group’s Human Resources processes, launched in 2010, has turned into an enormous make over project.

This project and its innovative practices received the Human Resources Team of the Year Award at the International Stevie Awards, recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the global arena. The Human Resources mobile applications won the SAP Mobility of the Year Award, given for the first time in Turkey.