Demir Export

Demir Export drilled over 27,000 meters in 2013 covering various locations in Turkey. Exploration targets include precious and base metals as well as ferrous metals.

Demir Export is one of the largest and most well established mining companies in Turkey. The Company mines and sells coal, iron ore copper and chromite concentrates from 13 mining operations in various parts of Turkey.

In 2013, Demir Export continued development of underground coal mine at Manisa-Soma coal basin which started in 2012, and placed orders for fully mechanized mining equipment for coal extraction. In addition, the Company began investments in the Sivas-Bakırtepe gold and Kütahya-Kalkan iron ore extraction projects to make them operational within 2014. Legal proceedings regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment report for the Bakırtepe Gold Project continue. Development work is expected to kick off in 2014.

In addition, the Company won the rights through a tender held by Anadolu Birlik Holding A.Ş. to mine eight million tons of coal in Sivas-Kangal over a 15-month period. With its experience over 20 years in the field, Demir Export continues its production activities ahead of production schedule which was made in the tender process.

Demir Export performed over 27,000 meters of core drilling in various locations of Turkey in 2013 to explore exploration activities for gold, copper, silver, zinc and coal.

In 2013, Demir Export acquired Ferrocom Madencilik (Taşlıtepe Mine), which is near the annual 350,000 ton-capacity Purunsur site in Sivas. With the investment in the Tașlıtepe Mine scheduled for 2014, the two operations will reach to reach a total annual production capacity of 750,000 tons.

All current iron ore production is sold to integrated steel mills operating around the country.

Demir Export has been producing iron ore since its establishment. It now has a 1.5 million ton/year capacity and a market share of 25%. With new projects and company acquisitions, technological investments and capacity increases at existing mines, the Company’s annual production capacity is projected to rise to over 2 million tons in the near future.