Consumer Durables

We made pioneering investments in the consumer durables sector with the founding of arçelik in 1955. Since then, the company has developed the domestic sector’s largest distribution network and, with a market share of over 50%, it became the country’s leading consumer durables company. Our BEKO brand has become the global face of turkish consumer durables, elevating Turkey in world markets. A rising global player with 14 factories in five countries, BEKO offers products and services in over 100 countries.

In line with our goal of maintaining sustainable, profitable growth and through our brand and customer-focused strategy, we will increase our share in markets where we do business and consolidate our presence in developing markets. Our investments in R&D and innovation will enable us to stay in tune with customer preferences and offer them products and services with high added value.

Third largest white goods manufacturer in Europe, Arçelik A.Ş. not only leads in Turkey but also in Romania with its Arctic brand and South Africa with its Defy brand.

Developments in the consumer durables sector in 2013

The global white goods market grew by 3% in 2013 with an easing of the economic crisis, which was centered in Europe and the United States and caused a global shift in investments to developing countries.

While the Western European white goods market, one of Arçelik’s main markets, contracted by 1%, the Eastern European market grew by 3.9%. Whereas Western Europe’s largest white goods markets -France, Spain and the UK - shrunk, the Italian market grew. Meanwhile, the largest white goods market in Eastern Europe, Russia, expanded though two other important markets there, Poland and Romania, contracted. Ukraine and Estonia became the region’s fastest growing markets.

Ongoing political strife in the Middle East, one of Arçelik’s target markets, caused demand there to fall.

The Kazakhstan market, one of Central Asia’s largest and most important, contracted.

Political unrest and domestic conflicts in North Africa, especially in Egypt, had important ramifications.

The Turkish white goods market expanded by about 6%, reaching a total of 6.85 million units in 2013.

Koç Holding Consumer Durables Group

Arçelik, the 3rd ranking white goods company in Europe, maintained its strong leadership in Turkey, and continued to lead by a clear margin in Romania with its Arctic brand and in South Africa with its Defy brand.

Beko, the Group’s global white goods brand, has had the fastest growing share in the European market for six years. Beko is Western Europe’s bestselling refrigerator brand. With a favorable performance in its key markets, it rose to 2nd place in Western Europe’s white goods market in 2013. While maintaining its leadership in the UK and Lithuanian markets, Beko became one of the top three brands in the French and Polish white goods markets. It took the largest share gain in the German, Belgium, Romanian and Ukrainian white goods markets and was in the top three for fastest growing market share in France, Italy, Austria and Poland.

Despite a shrinking market in the Middle East, the Beko brand retained its lead on a product group basis in Jordan, Israel and Iraq. Its sales, service and channel organization activities, has made Beko the most popular brand in the Gulf countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

It retained its position in the Turkic Republics’ white goods market and increased its market share in Kazakhstan.

Arçelik expanded its penetration and operations in Africa, including North Africa. It saw a sharp rise in revenues in Central Africa and Beko became one of the preferred brands in Angola, Gabon, Sudan and Ethiopia. Beko sales were initiated in West African countries, including Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast. In 2013, Beko brand was sold in 30 African countries.

Commensurate with its goal of market diversification, Arçelik initiated business development in distant regions. Corresponding to its organic growth strategy, it increased exports to Southeast Asia, a region of significant potential, and it launched operations in Singapore.

Arçelik has decided to introduce its Grundig brand, historically noted for its quality and design in consumer electronics, to the white goods sector and it launched Grundig white goods products, with a simple, timeless design, at the LivingKitchen fair in Köln.