Total Revenues

(TL million)

Domestic Market Position

Leader in the LPG market since its founding in 1961
Leader with 42.6% market share in cylinder LPG,
24.3% market share in autogas,
28.7% market share in total LPG markets

International Market Position

Europe’s 5th largest LPG distribution company

Share of International Revenues


Profit Before Tax

TL 237 million

Net Income

TL 205 million

Shareholder Structure

Koç Holding 40.68%
Other Koç 10.53%
LPG DC 24.52%
Free Float 24.27%


We have met our customers’ changing needs and expectations for 53 years and we have become a member of your family.

The country’s first and only publicly traded LPG company, Aygaz is 10th on the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s 2012 listing of Turkey’s largest industrial enterprises. Established in 1961 as Koç Group’s first company in the energy sector, Aygaz has since maintained its lead in the domestic market.

LPG Cylinders

Aygaz is the first company in the sector to apply body belts to small cylinders. This innovation served to differentiate Aygaz cylinders in the market and instilled consumer confidence in their home use. In 2013, this practice was expanded to 12 kg cylinders, receiving a positive reaction from customers and dealers, and had a favourable impact on sales.

“Aygaz Summer Festival on Anatolian Highways” was a first in the domestic LPG sector, bringing safety training by Aygaz’s articulated trucks to one million people at 13 locations over the summer of 2013. People were shown how to use LPG cylinders safely and properly.


Aygaz and Mogaz brand’s market positions were reviewed and their logos and names were modified according to consumer expectations. The Aygaz Euro LPG+ brand was renamed Aygaz Otogaz and a campaign articulating its new position was launched in January. The Mogaz Maxi LPG+ brand was renamed Mogaz Otogaz and this was announced to consumers at the end of 2013. Aygaz Group branded products were sold at over 1,500 stations across Turkey in 2013, giving the Group the largest domestic distribution network. The Company has opened a website, www.aygaznerede.com, showing its autogas sales locations.

The Aygaz Conversion Club gathers 650 conversion centers under one roof. Two campaigns were initiated to expand the autogas market and to direct vehicles in the autogas market to stations. The autogas market grew 3% during the campaign. The awareness-raising campaign, “LPG: the Fuel of the Future”, which was launched in 2012 to enlarge the autogas market, was expanded in 2013 with activities targeting consumers in 12 provinces. The message conveyed through the activities was that autogas is a high performance, safe, widely available, environmentally friendly, and economical fuel.

Investments and the Aygaz-Mogaz merger

Capital expenditures of Aygaz and its subsidiaries reached US$ 40 million in 2013.

In 2012, the Aygaz Board of Directors resolved to merge with Mogaz. This merger was completed on 22 January 2013 and has raised operational productivity and profitability as well as brand recognition.


In 2013, Aygaz added a third natural spring water filling facility to those operating in Nazilli and Sapanca. While carboy water market contracted by 2% in 2013, Pürsu sales increased by 22%.

Aygaz plans to focus sales and marketing on large cities and regions where Pürsu is not currently sold.

Main awards

  • The Turkish Standards Institute designated Aygaz a Customer Friendly Enterprise and a Customer Friendly Brand, the first time such designations were made in Turkey
  • Aygaz brands are among those that come on top in the Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index LPG Distributors category, a competition held by the Turkish Quality Association
  • The Aygaz Annual Report received the Bronze prize in the International Stevie Awards
  • Mogaz Otogaz’s campaign “Git Git Bitmez” (Goes On and On) received the Silver prize in the Effie Awards, which rank advertising strategy and sales activities; in the same awards, Aygaz Otogaz received the Bronze prize with its “Kartopu” (Snowball) campaign
  • Aygaz Otogaz’s campaign “Kartopu” (Snowball) garnered the Crystal Apple at the prestigious Crystal Apple advertising awards, and its “Uzaktan Kumanda” (Remote Control) campaign won the Silver Apple at the same awards.

2014 and beyond

Aygaz’s main goal is to be the leading energy solutions provider in Turkey’s and other potential LPG and natural gas markets. Foremost among Aygaz’s short- and medium-term strategies is increasing the Company’s market share in all its segments to sustain its leadership and raise profitability. Its long-term goal is to expand its energy pool by generating alternative projects that will meet Turkey’s growing energy needs.


In addition to selling and transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG), Aygaz Doğal Gaz sells natural gas obtained in the domestic market through pipelines to eligible consumers.

The Company’s sales revenues increased by 130% to TL 434 million in 2013.