Total Revenues

(TL million)

Domestic Market Position

Leads Turkey’s white goods, built-in appliances, and air conditioner markets with a market share exceeding 50% and the TV market with a share at 30% level

International Position

3rd largest company in Europe in the sector

Clear market leader in Romania and South Africa with its Arctic and Defy brands, respectively

Arçelik’s international white goods brand Beko was

  • 3rd largest in European white goods market and
  • 2nd in the freestanding white goods market
  • ­2nd in Western Europe white goods market
  • Best-selling refrigerator brand in Western Europe
  • White goods market leader in the UK and Lithuania
  • ­Among the top three white goods market brands in France and Poland

Share of International Revenues


Profit Before Tax

TL 745 million

Net Income

TL 598 million

Shareholder Structure

Koç Holding 40.51%
Other Koç 16.69%
Burla Group 17.61%
Free Float 25.19%


The only Turkish company on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s “list of the top 200 companies applying for patents over the past five years”.

Despite contracting markets in the Middle East, Arçelik A.Ş, with its BEKO brand, retained leadership on a product group basis in Jordan, Israel and Iraq.

Green products through the vision “Respects the Globe, Respected Globally”

Conducting its business with the vision “Respects the Globe, Respected Globally”, Arçelik develops products designed to protect nature and the ecosystem and to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future. Among the most energy efficient and quietest products in their class marketed are:

  • A -45% energy class built-in oven
  • A+++ -10% energy class drier
  • A+++ -50% energy class washing machine
  • A+++ -10% energy class dishwasher
  • A+++ energy class upright deep freezer
  • 41dBa - quiet built-in oven

Arçelik innovates in food storage, cooking, hygiene, and washing and drying technologies. It creates products that are energy efficient and rank high on water conservation, have distinctive designs and emphasize functionality:

  • 84 cm no-frost refrigerator with ice cream maker
  • Arçelik 8860 SBS NY refrigerator with an Internet-connectable multimedia tablet screen
  • 74 cm no-frost combi refrigerator with new vegetable storage design that extends vegetable storage up to 30 days
  • Washer-drier with air compression technology that doesn’t use water for drying
  • A-class mixed program dishwashers that can clean without damaging delicate glass and plastics in the top rack while washing heavily soiled pans on the bottom rack
  • Induction hotplates with eight cooking sections
  • No-frame TV models
  • BabyWatch TV application - a global first
  • Easy Remote device that enables voice-command of TV and use of Air Mouse for screen
  • Turkey’s first and only automatic tea maker, Gourmet Tea Maker, which can keep tea fresh up to twice as long by using Filter Sense technology


In 2013, Arçelik opened a new refrigerator production line at the Arctic Refrigerator Plant in Romania, bringing its annual production capacity to 2.5 million units. The plant is now the second largest refrigerator production facility in Europe after the Arçelik Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant.

Investments were made to improve the products and production systems at Defy, South Africa’s leading white goods manufacturer. These investments made it possible to manufacture a new model combi refrigerator and chest deep freezer at the Ezakheni plant.

A new Cash Register POS device was developed at the Arçelik Beylikdüzü Electronics Plant. The new device, the first of its kind manufactured in Turkey, was designed according to the specifications of the New Generation Cash Register Regulations, tested by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and approved by the Finance Administration, and then launched on the market.

Continuing growth in 2013

Arçelik, whose revenues grew by over 20% for the previous two years, achieved a growth rate of 5% in 2013, exceeding consolidated revenues of TL 11 billion.

Decline in the European TV market dampened Arçelik’s overall growth. Nevertheless, the Company continued to grow strongly in the white goods category where, after having grown by 27% for two successive years, it grew by 11% in 2013.

Arçelik sells and provides service to various regions around the world and foreign markets accounted for 58% of its sales.

Commensurate with its branded growth strategy, the Company increased its sales figures in its markets while selling higher capacity and higher segment products.

Arçelik raised its profit margin in 2013 as a result of its operational activities and its successful income-expenditure management.

Its market value increased by 8% over the previous year. At the end of 2013, the Company’s market value reached TL 8.2 billion. International investors showed great interest in the Company’s first Euro-bond issue, made in 2013.

Major awards

  • Most Innovative Company award, from the Turkish Exporters Assembly
  • Carbon Transparency Performance Leadership award, from the Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Named the Most Reputable Company by the RepMan Reputation Research Center and GfK
  • Platinum Certificate, the highest rank in Energy Efficient Green Plants, to Arçelik’s Ankara Washing Machine, Çerkezköy Tumble Drier and Electronic Engines, and the Arctic Refrigerator plants
  • 2nd prize in home appliances for the ElektraBregenz brand at the Golden Plug Awards
  • For its Arçelik, Beko and Grundig-brand products, the Plus X award in 7 categories, the Red Dot award in 11 categories, and the IF Design award for 2 products.

Arçelik in the future

Arçelik’s innovative technologies, smart products and added value-generating solutions make it a leading company in its sector globally. The key contributing factors to this success are its R&D, innovation, quality and design. Through its continual investment in these areas and brand, market and customer-oriented strategy, the Company will continue to design geographically specific products and services that make a difference while meeting consumer’s needs and expectations.

In line with its long-term strategic goals, patterned after its vision “Respects the Globe, Respected Globally,” Arçelik will continue to expand its global organization. The Company’s aim is to maintain leadership in the Turkish market, increase its share of the European market, and reinforce its position in the Middle East, Africa and the Asian Pacific. Utilizing its strong and stable financial structure which promotes sustainable development, Arçelik will continue to pursue organic and inorganic opportunities in developing markets by acquiring companies or entering markets.

While focusing on sustainable development, Arçelik is mindful of its social and environmental responsibilities in its all operations and processes. In terms of sustainability, it will continue to be the leader in Turkey and to have a global voice.

Priorities in risk management

At Arçelik, risk management is addressed holistically. Strategic, operational, financial and other threats to achieving the Company’s short- and long-term goals are assessed at every level of the organization, from the Board of Directors down.